The Trust & The Hospital
Located in a small but beautiful village of Sermik, on the bank of the River Indus, the Zubeda Khaliq Memorial Trust was established to provide health care to the people of Baltistan, a poor region of Pakistan. Since 1980, hundreds of thousands of people have benefited from the Trust, with all services provided totally free of cost. In 2008 a 50 bed hospital funded totally by the founder Dr. Sikander and his family was built in Sermik about 40 kilometers from Skardu.

The Trust now runs a 75 bed Hospital known as the ZKM Free Hospital in Sermik. It has two operation theaters, X-ray facility, OPD, pathology laboratory , dispensary , labor room with 4 beds and a maternity ward, has been operating since the beginning of 2011. The idea behind running the Hospital is different from the norm. The Hospital is manned by medical officers but specialist doctors from Pakistan as well as various other parts of the world are invited to serve at the hospital for one to 8 weeks.

Due to poverty and inaccessibility of remote villages the ZKMH commenced in May 2010 an Outreach Program by providing free medical treatment to remote communities. Each medical team sent out consists of a qualified medical doctor and paramedic staff together with medicines. The Hospital's aim is to reach out to the people rather than wait for patients to be brought to the Hospital for treatment. This Outreach Program has been highly successful.

In the first half of 2012, there has been considerable progress at the Hospital with the addition of a new well equipped Out Patient and Emergency Department. This facility includes one room for a Casualty Officer, and one Emergency Resuscitation room which contains life saving equipment for treating severely ill and injured patients. There is also a new Operation Theater for emergency surgery, two three-bedded wards for emergency admissions, a laboratory, and an X-Ray room. We have also constructed three rooms for specialist consultations which meant hiring two new Medical Officers which brings our total Medical Officer strength to four. The Emergency Department along with a doctor and nursing staff is now open 24/7.