The Hospital started functioning in January 2009 with health care services provided as follows:
1. Routine Treatment
Routine treatment of common diseases such as:
a. Chest infection
b. Diarrhea & Gastroenteritis
c. Endemic diseases
d. Typhoid
e. Joint diseases
f. Hypertension
g. Eye diseases
h. Ear, nose & throat illness
i. Various diseases of children
j. Gynecological problems
k. Primary care during pregnancy
l. Emergencies
Care for the above is provided by resident doctors, nurses and dispensers at the Hospital through OPD and indoor services.
2. Specialized Treatment

Provision of specialized treatment which is provided by visiting medical specialists (including professors and associate professors) throughout the year from various teaching hospitals of Pakistan and elsewhere except in the months of December and January when weather is extremely cold and roads are blocked due to heavy snow.

The specialists usually come along with their teams which normally consists of a surgeon, anesthetist and operation theater nurse. They work on volunteer basis and perform major surgeries which are usually performed in major hospitals.

The Hospital provides free accommodation, food and transportation to the visiting doctors who are treated as honored guests with respect and affection by the local people of the area. The resident doctors remain in touch through telephone with the visiting medical specialists and seek their advice on patients as needed and also provide post-operative care under guidance of these specialists.

3. Facilities available in the Hospital
  • Operation Theaters (2)
  • Emergency Operation Theater (1)
  • Pathology Laboratory
  • Wards with 75 Beds
  • Outpatient & Emergency Department
  • Dispensary
  • X-Ray Facility
  • Ultrasound Facility
  • Labor Room & Maternity Ward
  • Visiting Doctors’ Residence
The Hospital has a staff of 40 personnel which includes 4 Medical Officers, a full time gynecologist, 4 part time Consultants, 7 Nurses and 6 Technicians.