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Zubeda Khaliq memorial Trust is a non profitable organization which was established in the 1970’s by Prof. Dr. Sikander Hayat Khan. It was created in the memory of his beloved parents on his ancestral village of Sermik, in the Gilgit Baltistan Region. The idea was to provide free medical and healthcare to the poor deserving population scattered across the water sources within the mountain ranges of Gilgit Baltistan. The area comprises of one of the highest mountains in the world that are dry and mostly barren. The idea of creating a Trust initially was to arrange a series of continuous medical camps and reach out to the far flung areas where not even basic health facilities neither preventative measures were even heard off. After his retirement in 2001, Prof. Sikander started working on a plan to build a 50 bedded hospital in Sermik, to start to cater for the medical and healthcare needs for the surrounding districts. This came to fruition through the help of his family and friends and in 2008 it became a main hospital providing hundreds of thousands of people with free healthcare services. From the medical slip through to the treatment, medicine and food until full recovery the Trust bore all expenses for the patients. The hospital included 50 Bedded male female wards along with the patient appropriate WC facilities. An OPD, ECG, X-Ray, Ultrasound, medical supplies and medicines store and a Lab facility. There were two working operation theatres. All facilities fully staffed.

This then further developed into a 90 Bedded facility, which on occasions have managed 100 beds too. Specialities such as orthopaedic, general surgery, Gynaecology, Neuro surgery, Urology, Paediatrician, General Physician, Dental Surgeons   


Mobile Hospital Services (Baltistan)

Two Mobile hospitals fully equipped and staffed for OPD services including Doctors, Nurses, Midwives, Lab Technicians, and Ultrasound Nurses.


Mobile Hospital Services (Gilgil)

Recent achievement is the MOU signed between the government of Gilgit Baltistan and ZKMT for starting a mobile Hospital service across the Astore and Gilgit region.

Network of Dispenceries

A network of Health Clinics, where the local heads of villages form a committee for monitoring purposes. Equipped with a hospital trained nurse provided with medicines and regular supply along with doctor visits for daily general OPD.

ZKM Day Care Center

A Day care centre with an operation theatre and X-ray and Lab facility supported by post-op wards. Dental Surgery Unit and a Medical Specialist with a medical Officer.

100 Bed Hospital (Skardu)

A new 100 Bed hospital near Skardu at Thorgo. Rapidly being constructed as a full fledge healthcare facility to provide full medical services.

Orphans & Widows

ZKMT Free Ration Initiative for Orphans and widows including old age people who don’t have any support. Two months food supplies are distributed regularly in every season with all basic nutritional necessities. The Trust vehicles reach far flung villages in Gilgit and Baltistan Areas with the ration packs and deliver the food after verification and registration.

Meet Sadqa Initiative

Meat Sadqa Initiative for those who are less fortunate to be able to afford meat even once a year. The local healthy cows are purchased and sacrificed locally and the meat is distributed between the families. Another regular initiative of ZKM Trust. The Donors take part in this initiative from all over the world with their Zakat and Sadqa.

Medical College (Future RoadMap)

Future plans include Insha Allah a Medical College for the Gilgit Baltistan Region which is a much needed facility.

ZKMH Hospital- Sermik – 90 bedded general hospital

2 Fully equipped Mobile hospitals providing free medical services to 69 villages. Servicing about 140,000 people.

Astore Mobile Hospital fully equipped will start soon. Staffing, equipment, medicines and vehicles procurement are in process at present.




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